Software & Hardware

  • Windows 10 PC, iPad 9, Android 11
  • Google Drive, Office 365
  • MS ToDo, MS Whiteboard
  • Figma, XD
  • ADOBE Creative Cloud
  • MS Project, MS Visio, Asana
  • Snagit, Captivate, Camtasia
  • Articulate Storyline 360

Coding Tools & Languages

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery 3.7.x, jQuery UI 1.13
  • Bootstrap Framework 5.3.x
  • WordPress CMS
  • Git, GitHub

What I Do?

Part of my job is to create site maps, screen flow to help project managers calculate the cost for the client requirements and determine deadlines and timelines, I respect the variety of people and can manage to deal with clients and understand their needs with good listing and caring for the details and apply their notes on a high fidelity UI design, create video animations, and Android Apps.

What Else i Can Do?

I have a B.A. in Computer science and my experience is focused on design & development, I have a coding skills, my proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, & MySQL enables me to create a full functional website to ensure I meet client's and manager's vision in all aspects (design or development). Also, I know and can use famous responsive design frameworks such as Bootstrap in all its versions, and I can collaborate with teams using GitHub.

What Did My Past Managers Say About Me?

Myles Osborn (Director of Client Experience at Tokyo Academics)

“Emad is a dependable, detail-oriented professional with a diverse background in design & engineering as well as project management. He's driven by the pursuit of excellence and can deliver results under varying circumstances. Emad is a quick learner and adapts well to changes in his work environment. He is continually looking for ways to improve processes, procedures, and performance. Ultimately, he is a proficient leader with a drive to meet deadlines; and given his work ethic, feedback-seeking personality, and strong discipline skills make him a great addition to any team.”

Noor Saud Abdul-Aziz (Program Manager at Obeikan Education)

“I consider Emad a model member of the team who provided consistency & delivered all expectations. His unconventional way of thinking helped the company to solve practical issues in the most efficient ways.”

Khader Abu Al-Edam (Project Manager at Minhaj for Educational Technologies)

“I got the chance to work with Emad directly, Emad cares a lot about self-development & mastering his work, I recommend him for any position that requires creativity, as he would exceed the expectations.”

I'm preparing, studying, and exploring:

  • Administrative Assistant Diploma (American University)
  • PSM1, PSM2 (Professional Scrum Master) (
  • TOFEL Exam (
  • Google Project Management: Professional Certificate (
  • PMP Certification From PMI (
  • Online M.B.A. (

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